We Put The Work In

We provide tailored programming and holistic support to youth in underserved communities that enhance their spiritual growth, educational development and entrepreneurial capacities.

What We Do


— We Partner

Build sustainable partnerships with schools, Businesses, Financial Institutions, universities, community centers, civic and faith based organizations.


— We Direct Actions

We are purposed with our teaching to encourage a positive outcome for each child in their “Decision Making Process”.


— We Build

Acquire a space where the youth in collaboration with experts in given fields can exercise their ingenuity and entrepreneurship individually or collectively, by assessing their environment, organizing their assets, to introduce solutions in their communities; starting where they are with what they have.


— We Educate

Orient the youth toward self-sufficiency: Build their belief system, facilitate historical knowledge to establish environmental context for proper educational foundation, encourage their ingenuity and creativity that would allow their entrepreneurial success.


— We Mentor

Guide the youth’s vision and mission development and analysis from which all their future actions derive.


— We Outreach

Become a force multiplier to sister organizations efforts in developing our youth to better their communities.


— We Discuss

Conduct seminars, classes, financial education, mentorship, round table discussions with focus groups (Parents, Teachers, Faith Based Leaders, Community Leaders) on salient issues that demand focus.


— We Engage Internationally

Expand the field of vision and scope of Actions of our youth through the Youth International Engagements Program (YIEP).

— We Consult

Have an idea you think could help serve our mission, please pick a task under Key Tasks and you can donate Time, Efforts, Expertise and/or Funding to accomplish this task.

Mission Essential Tasks

F&TSG Center
Round Table Discussions
Youth International Engagement
Youth Conferences
Youth Decision Making Seminars