Build the Youth to Build the Nation:  Create hubs within underserved communities that give our youth the skills, ambition and support needed to compete in today’s society.



Provide tailored programming and holistic support to youth in underserved communities that enhance their spiritual growth, educational development and entrepreneurial capacities.



Key Tasks

Partnership:  Build sustainable partnerships with schools, Businesses, Financial Institutions, universities, community centers, civic and faith based organizations.   

Direct Actions: Conduct seminars, classes, financial education, mentorship, round table discussions with focus groups (Parents, Teachers, Faith Based Leaders, Community Leaders) on salient issues that demand focus.

Solutions Center: Acquire a space where the youth in collaboration with experts in given fields can exercise their ingenuity and entrepreneurship individually or collectively, by assessing their environment, organizing their assets, to introduce solutions in their communities; starting where they are with what they have.


Get Involved

Have an idea you think could help serve our mission, please pick a task under Key Tasks and you can donate Time, Efforts, Expertise and/or Funding to accomplish this task.


  Visionary Partners




Essential Missions to support F&TSG's Vision
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Fifth Through Eighth Grades: F&TSG Pre-Decision Making Process Program
Increase Youth knowledge of history and geography while improving literacy.
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High School Students and Young Adults: Decision Making Process Seminars
A comprehensive and rigorous seven steps process to decision making.
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Five and Two Solutions Center
A place for the youth to develop and incubate ideas into wealthy actions for themselves while improving the community environment.
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